Jobs for Australia is a Not-For-Profit of volunteers from the Talent Acquisition & Human Resources industry located across Australia that have been affected by COVID-19.  Their team are using their skills and experience to help job seekers and empower them with their job-search and businesses who have also been affected during this time.  Our team of volunteers are working closely with job seekers to provide job-search advice and coaching, along with providing additional assistance and resources to companies that are hiring or those that are reducing headcount and looking to redeploy staff.  

‘Jobs for Australia’ is not a job board.  Our purpose is supporting job seekers by preparing them and connecting them to the job market via job boards, employers that are hiring or other initiatives and services that are available to job seekers like the Hatch.Exchange project, and TechLife and many others.

The idea started when Justine Figo, People & Culture author, reached out to Andrea Kirby Director of The Recruitment Events Company Australia to align the HR and TA community to help each other. Both have strong networks and have set about using them to create this service.  Rich-Lewis Jones joined the team given his passion for the Australian TA & HR community and his ability to support this team with his background spanning across hands-on Talent Acquisition and TA/HR-Technology.

Jobs for Australia is a concept based on the Jobs for Lebanon model and we have been working closely with Jobs for Lebanon founder Roy Baladi to get this up and running. 

We have spoken to many Talent Acquisition professionals whose roles have been impacted by COVID-19 and are offering to work with jobseekers to empower them to look for work. We will also work with HR Directors to assist with the redeployment or recruitment process by matching job seekers with companies that have a hiring need.  

Recruiters know exactly what it takes for a candidate to land an interview and find the right job. We will work with employees that have been impacted and match them to roles that are currently in the market. 

People looking for a job will get advice from expert recruiters on:

  • Their resume
  • Their LinkedIn profile
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal Branding (where appropriate)

If you are a TA or HR professional that is in between jobs and would like to assist, or If you require support with employee redeployment or recruitment, please contact hello@jobsforaustralia.com

The project team involved in the establishment of Jobs for Australia include Andrea Kirby, Rich Lewis-Jones, Justine Figo and Renae Peattie.

For media enquiries, please contact Renae Peattie at renae@jobsforaustralia.com