CV (Resume) Writing Tips

Since Jobs For Australia launched, help with CV or Resumes has been the number one request coming in to our amazing team of volunteers.

In this video, Rebecca Powell, Amy Thomas, Jasmin Ayles, Josh Ransome, Vidhita Jain, Veronica Pollard, and Olga Barrett have come together to share their top tips for putting together your CV so that it stands out, and is better targeted when applying for jobs.

Here is a summary of their top tips:

  • Maximise first page (ensure that it is easy to read, includes your contact details, key words, skills, education, summary of career)
  • Avoid First Person statements
  • Follow the KISS (Keep It Simple) method
  • Attention to detail (check your spelling and grammar)
  • Have a short Personal Brand Statement / Career Summary (3-4 sentences focussing on the value you bring)
  • Remember to include your key achievements (Metrics, Anything time bound, cost savings you may have made; any impacts you had to your business)
  • Have a Cover letter – do not repeat what’s already in your Resume, a good cover letter provides personal insight
  • Be mindful of buzzwords

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