Find Your Resilience

With so much happening in the world at the moment, this week’s video focuses on something that impacts everyone, regardless of their current job situation.

We are experiencing lots of emotions during this time. We ask ourselves, “How do we maintain or build resilience during these tough times?”, “What can I do to keep that motivation or positivity going?”.

Rebecca PowellJo McCattySteve Gard and Michael Delaney share their tips on Finding Resilience:

  • Resilience is about how you keep going despite setbacks
  • It is an ability to see past the fact that you haven’t been successful, and being able to bounce back
  • Understanding what learnings you can take from this experience
  • Staying committed on your journey, and enjoying the actions you need to take, and achieving what you set out
  • Setting realistic goals, and moving towards the goals
  • Instead of being bogged down by the task, think about, “What I can do today, that will be an accomplishment to help move me forward”
  • Try out organisational methods, such as agile project management tools, a personalised Kanban Wall (To-Do’s: Underway; Completed)
  • Manageable bite size chunks of activities
  • Take a moment that brings you joy, whatever that may be (walks on the beach, a run, watching cat videos – you know we love those!)
  • Don’t forget to allow yourself some kindness and compassion

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