How to Ace that Job Interview

Should you be lucky enough to be invited to attend a job interview, either in person or virtually via video, you will need to prepare and do your research to be able to ace that interview.

Our Jobs for Australia volunteers, Brooke K Cookson, Rich Lewis-Jones, Jamie Finnegan, and Diane Bradley have shared their top tips on how to prepare for an interview.

Thanks again to Rebecca Powell for her excellent editorial skills using VideoMyJob.

Interview Tips:

  • Do you research on the business, news and media around the business, the Interviewers, and anything that is relevant to the job
  • Prepare well by providing evidence based answers
  • Review the job description, and come up with examples per each requirement
  • Practice, practice, practice – Rehearse your answers out loud in front of the mirror, get someone to ask you questions, or record your responses so you are better prepared – Arrive 10 minutes early
  • If you have a video interview, ensure your background setting is tidy, the lighting is good, room is quiet, and you have checked the sound
  • Always present well and dress well in business attire

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