How to Prepare for a Behavioural Interview

Now that you’ve applied for a role, done well over the phone call with the potential employer, what’s next?

If you have been selected to attend a job interview, chances are that the style of interview will be a Behavioural Based Interview.

Behavioural interviews are used by employers to learn how you’ve behaved in your past performances in similar situations. 

They ask for specific experiences and examples of things you have done before, as they may be predictors of how you will act in similar future situations. Questions usually start with “Tell me about a time when you did xyz”. 

In this video, Steve Gard, Tanya Siggins (she/her), and Susanna Cooper take the time to share what recruiters and employers are looking for in behavioural interview situations.

  • Firstly, take the time to prepare. Look at the job description or job advert to get key skills and experiences the employer is looking for.
  • Build these scenarios and prepare examples that match these
  • Be concise and articulate
  • Remember to use the STAR (80/20) format – Spend 80% of your time answering the Action and Result, and 20% on laying the background
  • What is STAR?
  1. Situation – set the high level background of your story/example
  2. Task – clearly define what your role was in this example
  3. Actions – what actions you took
  4. Results – Outcomes of what you did
  • Don’t panic if you only have an example that was unsuccessful (powerful way to show how you overcame that situation and what you’ve learnt from it)
If you need further advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our volunteers here at Jobs For Australia.

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