How to Prepare for Technical Interviews and Assessments

We’ve been asked by our job seekers on tips to prepare for both Technical Interviews and Assessments. 


Technical interviews or assessment look for evidence based answers, focussed on both the skills and knowledge of the candidates. Therefore bias is removed from the recruitment process.


Rebecca PowellSandra Lim, Deepa Manikoth, and Vidhita Jain share their tips on how prepare for this:


  • Be mindful of time that you have been provided
  • Don’t rush through them, and read the questions properly
  • Break down the questions if they are too long
  • Do the practice questions that are available
  • Look for practice questions and assessments online
  • Find out what the technical attributes are in the job/position description
  • Psychometric assessments are not technical, and focus on your learning agility, ability to work under pressure, in a team, or autonomously, and last but not least;
  • Remember to relax!

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