Preparing for a Phone Interview

This week, our team at Jobs for Australia share their tips and advice on how best to prepare for a phone interview (also sometimes called as a phone screen).

Sometimes, a recruiter or hiring manager will ring out of the blue to talk about your job application, and at other times, they will ring you at an agreed time.

Pavi Iyer, Sandra Lim, Susanna Cooper and Michael Delaney share with you how you can prepare for these circumstances and take advantage of the call, and hopefully get through to the first round interviews.

Their top tips and advice on how to prepare for a phone interview/screen:

– Keep a folder of relevant job details for the roles you have applied for such as the job advert, company name (who they are/what they do), key responsibilities of the role and prerequisites that has been stated

– Do your research and prepare relevant examples to talk about

– Be prepared to answer questions such as “What do you know about the company”, and “Why are you interested in the role”

– Don’t be afraid to reschedule your phone screen if it wasn’t a scheduled interview

– Have the right mindset

– Dress for success! Dress as you were going to a face-to-face interview

– Take advantage of the phone screen to ask questions around salary expectations, team culture, direction of the company and so forth

If you need any assistance with preparing for interviews, or even setting up mock screening/interviews, please register with us as a job seeker.

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