Tips for Working From Home (WFH)

Here are Jobs For Australia, our volunteers like many of their peers around the country and world have been contributing their time by Working From Home (WFH). 

Our volunteers, Susanna Cooper, Tanya Siggins, Vidhita Jain, Josh Ransome and Corey Farrugia , share their top WFH tips with you.

These tips are useful for both those who are working, and those who are looking for work, as applying for jobs can sometimes seem to be full time work.

Working From Home Tips:

  • Get Moving! Take regular breaks and move around
  • Use reminders, set alarms, or use household chores to ensure you get up and moving and not sitting at the desk/table all day
  • Get out of your pajamas! Keep a regular routine, as if you were travelling to the office
  • Don’t forget to have that coffee break
  • Make sure you are keeping connected with your colleagues, peers, and your friendship group (through Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.)
  • Ensure that there is time allocated to talk about things other than work with your colleagues
  • Check-in on their well-being and mental health
  • If both your relaxation and your working space are the same, trick your brain with different lighting, music or even scents by using candles
  • If you have kids at home, reach out to your employer to find out if there are flexible working hours
  • Clear away your work stuff (laptop, notepad, etc.) and have clear boundaries, so that you are not tempted to continue checking on work emails when you’ve finished work

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