Top Tips for Job Seekers

Our Talent Acquisition volunteers get asked this question almost daily, “What are your top tips for job seekers during this pandemic?”

 So we asked Sandra Lim Michael Delaney, Jo McCatty, and Vidhita Jain what their “Top Tips are for Job Seekers” currently looking for a job and some ideas to maintain that momentum.


Here’s what they had to say:

  • Make a list of things you can or can’t control
  • Start Networking!
  • List what did you like /excel in, in your previous role?
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Be kind to yourself and do at least one thing that makes you happy!
  • Make sure your CV and LinkedIn profile is up to date
  • Don’t forget to take a break from your job search
  • Keep calm, and know what you want to do
  • Create a plan 
  • Don’t apply for everything (know to differentiate what you can do and want to do)
  • Get a coach (join Jobs For Australia!)
  • Stay positive and maintain your well-being, resilience, focus and your energy
  • Develop examples and stories that align with your skills
  • Volunteer your time and your skills

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