What to Expect as a Job Seeker

This week we wanted to share with you, on  “What to Expect” once you register as a Job Seeker with us through our website. Hear from Michael Delaney, Vanessa Tieppo, Brooke K Cookson, and Jo McCatty as they walk you through what we do for our job seekers.


CV and Cover letter coaching:

– A review of your CV and Cover letter

– Feedback, tips, or tricks will be shared to improve and to reflect your experiences accurately


LinkedIn and your personal branding:

– Full LinkedIn profile review that is unique to you

– Ensuring you are promoting yourself in the most authentic way possible)


Interview Coaching:

– Review different techniques for interview success

– How to execute the STAR methodology

– How to show your skills are developed over time

– How to show your career arc to convince the employer that you are the one for them!


Weekly Videos:

– Share our personal expertise to provide insights to our job seekers

– How to best present yourself and the market place right now


Weekly Webinars:

– In-depth focus to some of the key topics for job seekers

– Brings the community together, interaction, share ideas & thoughts, and that you’re not alone!

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